"After these many years of labour, volume simplification predominates in Claire Valverde work. With sobriety, her work asserts itself, elegant and powerful. The greatness of her sculptures comes from the simplicity of the artist writing and the used material uniqueness. Dissociated or united in verticality or horizontal transverses, they levy a proud equilibrium."
Brigitte Teixido, exhibition curator           
"Constructions and balances, modules, movements and rhythms, light-and-shadow games, rigour and motion (or "agitation"). I work steel, research of simplicity partner, always being present to enforce its strength and robustness."
videoclip : Gérard Delahaye      
Interested in Art at an early stage, Claire carries out a further graduated program at the famous Penninghen institute in Paris (Ecole supérieure d'Arts graphiques), becomes an art professor for high school and teaches in public secondary school for l'Education nationale in France. More particularly passionate about sculpture, she deepens her technical skills in Lucien Vidock then Danielle Dekeyser artist's workshops where she works with clay (terracotta, resins, bronze). Impressed by Medjid Houari steel works, she opts for this material which accompanies her from now on.
Claire Valverde-Galbrun
the artist